Capítulo 1 - Aeropuerto

Airports kinda give me a really strange vibe.
Every time I'm here it's to leave or pick up someone else.
I always wait for the first bus after 8 AM to leave
That way I'm sure to have an available train when I get to the subway station

Capítulo 2 - Dios

As a kid, I went to three schools, all catholic.
I think I developed some important beliefs in the first one.
Religion classes were taught by a dude that used to give us religious stamps and hated stickers.
He told us that, when we died, we'd all have our ideal bodies.
That was the first time I pictured myself as a woman.
God wouldn't have a problem with it.
Although the reaction of my dead friends made me a bit anxious.

Capítulo 3 - 31 Minutos

When I was 6, 31 Minutos was the most important thing in the world.
I used to write fanfics and collect sticker albums.
One time I spent the whole afternoon writing songs about it.
I got scolded for it tho.
"How do you expect them to not make fun of you?
Now I respect brony artists a lot.
I admire their commitment. I wanna be like that.